Roll 20: Tabletop gaming through the internet!


The thing about tabletop game has always been finding a group to play with. As life goes on, people move or don’t have the time to travel to meet up anymore. ANd there goes your weekly game; back to WoW then.

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Foursquareopoly turns Foursquare into a real life game of Monopoly

I’ll be honest… a month ago, I wouldn’t have given two shits about this, but a few weeks ago, me and several co-workers all signed up for Foursquare at the same time and despite its utter pointlessness, it’s also surprisingly fun. But the fun has been in the competition, to see who amongst us can get the most points in a week, get various badges and compete for mayorships. 

Foursquaropoly is a mobile gaming app that combines the Foursquare API with the gameplay of the Monopoly board game (see a video demo). Players can buy and sell Foursquare check-in venues, and collect rent based on the number of check-ins at each property. The app is currently in development, with no release date set.


Even my wife thinks this is an amazing idea, and she HATES location-based social media