Geekcraft of the Day: IHCer makes weapons out of dildos


IHCer “Rabbit” decided to put his skills to good use by making a couple weapons out of dildos I guess he just had laying around the house. Or under his bed. Or in his sock drawer, or wherever. Above are a pair of dildo nunchaku, and keep scrolling for a dildo lightsaber.

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dildo lightsaber.

Dildo Lightsaber!


Woman attacks cop with dildo, GTA style


“She walked into her bedroom. She said her money was in her dresser drawer and she opened it and reached inside and removed a “clear, rigid feminine pleasure device” and held it over her head and approached the officer in a threatening manner.”

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Up your game with Dildo Sport (possibly NSFW)

Dildo Sport is the first strap-on tennis accessory that gives you the edge you need to win through the magic of rubber penises.